Unveiled at IFA 2016

At Europe’s largest technology fair, we showcase our latest products that are set to redefine the way you watch, listen, capture and play.


Capture without blur

The smartphone camera with advanced movement and colour capture. So, with the new Xperia™ XZ, life looks as beautiful as it is.

MDR-1000X: Noise cancelling beyond compare

With industry leading noise cancellation, you can tune-in and tune-out your environment at a touch. The new MDR-1000X wireless headphones with SENSE ENGINE rewrite the rules on noise cancelling - tailored to you and the world around you.

MDR-1000X: Noise cancelling headphones ON
MDR-1000X: Noise cancelling headphones OFF
Turn Noise Cancelling ON
Turn Noise Cancelling OFF

Signature Series 

One Signature Sound

Elevating the high-resolution sound experience from one you can hear, to one you can feel.

MDR-Z1R Headphones

MDR-Z1R Headphones

Crafted in Japan for a wide frequency and dynamic range, these headphones offer uncompromising personal listening.

TA-ZH1ES Amplifier

TA-ZH1ES Amplifier

Go one step further with this premium amp, combining the best of digital and analog sound technology.

Fresh ideas, new concepts

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