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What people say about a99

  • For the first time ever manual focus with a digital camera is now practical, fast, and extremely accurate.

    Having had the opportunity to spend some time shooting with the SLT-A99 I'm happy to say that it exceeded my expectations in almost every respect. The image quality is superb: the 24MP sensor is sharp, the colours are great, and it has a fantastic dynamic range. I was also seriously impressed with the quality and functionality of the EVF: it's bright, clear and provides a real-time view of pretty much exactly what you're going to shoot. Being able to preview my shots without taking the camera from my eye is also a huge advantage. Coupled to this, one of the functions I really enjoyed using is focus peaking.

    For the first time ever manual focus with a digital camera is now practical, fast, and extremely accurate. The camera is also well built, yet light, and the controls are extremely well thought out. I think the ability to reprogram most of the buttons is also a great idea, allowing me to set up the camera to suit the way I shoot. The articulating LCD panel works well, allowing me to get shots that would be a lot more difficult with an OVF or a traditional non-moving LCD panel. It's also extremely bright, even in full daylight.

    Based in Blackpool, in the north of England, David is an internationally acclaimed, award winning photographer and respected trainer delivering photography workshops around the world. He runs the popular Art of Black and White Photography online course at both the Perfect Picture School of Photography in the US and on Udemy. He is the Creative Director of Chromasia Training Limited, UK.

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    The home run camera for pros and amateurs.

    When Sony approached me if I was interested in testing their new camera (the A99) I was interested, after reading the specs and the new ways Sony is using to make a body that is aimed at the pros really triggered my curiosity. Now if at that same time you would have said that within 2 months I would end up using the A99 for my everyday shoots I would probably have said "very slight chance".

    Well things change. After spending some time with the A99 and looking closely at the system I'm more than impressed. The looks of the camera are nice but to be honest that's not important for me, however what is, are things that can really make your life easier as a photographer.

    Depending on the style you shoot the following items can be very important.

    • 1. Sensor

      I don't know which magician or wizard Sony hired for this one but it's a great sensor, it has great dynamic range and you can pull up shadows and recover highlights like no other sensor I've ever seen. It's almost like shooting a slightly limited HDR version, now remember if you don't like HDR don't worry you don't HAVE to, you CAN recover a lot.

    • 2. EVF

      See what you get.Love it for street and travel photography, in combination with a quick exposure compensation setup you can very quickly nail the shot. Especially like here in Dubai where the situations change very quickly from stark backlit scenes to darker scenes it's a blessing to work with an EVF. In the studio it's a bit getting used to, but I call it the Wacom effect, first few days you hate it, and slowly you're gonna like it and love it.

    • 3. Phase AF

      Very quick, very accurate.
Still have to test it with sports, but till now I'm very impressed.

    • 4. The screen that moves

      A tilting and moving LCD is great.
Lower angles/higher angles nice self-portraits with Annewiek and me in front of the worlds tallest building it's all possible.

    • 5. Video

      Great options and great clean HDMI out.
Still have to test that with higher ISOs, but having the OPTION for continuous AF is great.

    • 6. In body IS

      Great to have IS on every lens.

    • 7. The lenses

      Let's be honest Zeiss just makes amazing glass.

    In my opinion Sony did not just released a great new pro body, but the have given the competition something to be very aware off, this is not just an upgrade to the well known DSRL, Sony hit a home run with the Alpha99, it will take you some time to get used to but when you do…. Going back is incredibly difficult.

    I know… I just opened the boxes of my own Alpha99, could not let the demo unit go.

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