The all new
VAIO E Series

With its distinctive wrap design, accent color, and
matching accessories, the VAIO E Series notebook PC
is a perfect reflection of your unique personality.

Express your own
unique personality

Each different model also features two contrasting
materials and two-tone coloring, with an accent color
on the notebook's keyboard and touchpad as well as on
the sides of the black, pink, and white models.

The abundant choices available allow you to give free
reign to your creativity and powers of self-expression.
Make a bold statement with your choice of colors.

Now ships with your
own personalization kit

Your own personalization kit comes along with the purchase of
the VAIO E Series Laptops. Have fun co-ordinating the look of
your notebook with the matching Bluetooth mouse and
keyboard skin that come with it.

Rapid Wake
+ Eco* Feature

The Rapid Wake + Eco feature allows you to wake up
your notebook from Sleep mode and resume use in two
seconds or less. It also saves your data automatically
when the PC is put to sleep, so there is no need to worry
about data loss.

Rapid Wake + Eco is also energy efficient and allows a
VAIO E Series notebook to retain battery power for up to
10 days. Simply close the lid or press the power button
to put the notebook to sleep, then open the lid when
you're ready to use it again.

Wave your hand for
multi-gesture control

Surf, view PPTs, watch Videos & Movies with a wave of your
hand! Enjoy Comfort & Convenience with the Gesture Control

Crystal clear
14-inch screen

VAIO E Series notebooks feature a 14-inch wide
display. Even when the screen is viewed from an
angle, the picture retains its sharpness and clarity.
Have even more fun watching movies and viewing
photographic images.

Battery life that
keeps you going

A VAIO E Series notebook will help you to go that extra
mile—whether for business or for pleasure. Use your
notebook indoors and out, and enjoy the freedom of
not having to worry about the next recharge.

back-lit keyboard

The keyboard automatically lights up when used in
dark places, making it easier to type in dimly lit rooms.

Inscruinable performance
comes standard option

VAIO E Series notebooks are equipped with the latest third-generation Intel
Core™ i7 processor and a Hybrid Graphics System, which guarantee a high
level of overall performance. The added speed and power at your fingertips
will enhance your productivity and increase your enjoyment of music, movies,
and the Web.