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Windows 7 64-Bit Downgrade Drivers and Utilities for SVS13 and SVS15 Series

Article ID:545601(modified 28 Jun 2013)

Applicable Models

SVS13132CH, SVS13132CHR, SVS13132CHW, SVS13132CV, SVS13132CW, SVS13132CWB, SVS13132CWP, SVS13132CWR, SVS13132CWW, SVS13133CA, SVS13133CAB, SVS13133CAW, SVS13133CF, SVS13133CFB, SVS13133CG, SVS13133CGB, SVS13133CGP, SVS13133CGR, SVS13133CGW, SVS13133CH, SVS13133CHB, SVS13133CV, SVS13133CVB, SVS13133CVW, SVS13135CN, SVS13135CNB, SVS13135CV, SVS13135CVB, SVS13135CVW, SVS13136PA, SVS13136PAB, SVS13136PG, SVS13136PGB, SVS13136PGR, SVS13136PW, SVS13136PWB, SVS13136PWR, SVS13137PA, SVS13137PAB, SVS13137PG, SVS13137PGB, SVS13137PN, SVS13137PNB, SVS13137PW, SVS13137PWB, SVS13137PWR, SVS13A35PG, SVS13A35PGB, SVS13A35PH, SVS13A35PHB, SVS13A35PW, SVS13A35PWB, SVS13A36PG, SVS13A36PGB, SVS15135CH, SVS15135CHB, SVS15135CN, SVS15135CNB, SVS15135CW, SVS15135CWB, SVS15136PA, SVS15136PAB, SVS15136PG, SVS15136PGB, SVS15136PW, SVS15136PWB

What does this download do?

The followings are the Windows 7 64-Bit Downgrade Drivers and Utilities.

1. Chipset Driver (Intel): INDCHI-00265280-0042.EXE
2. Audio Driver (Realtek) for SVS13 Series: REDAUD-00265997-0042.EXE
3. Audio Driver (Realtek) for SVS15 Series: REDAUD-00265998-0042.EXE
4. Ethernet Driver (Realtek): REDETH-00266641-0042.EXE
5. Wireless LAN Driver (Atheros): QCDWLL-00276757-0042.EXE
6. ME Driver (Intel): INDMEI-00281816-0042.EXE
7. SATA Driver (Intel): INDOTH-00282096-0042.EXE
8. Wireless LAN Driver (Intel): INDWLL-00282135-0042.EXE
9. USB 3.0 Driver (Intel): INDUSB-00282196-0042.EXE
10. Graphics Driver (Intel): INDVID-00282315-0042.EXE
11. Graphics Driver (NVIDIA): NVDVID-00282360-0042.EXE
12. Memory Card Reader Writer Driver (Realtek): REDMCC-00282541-0042.EXE
13. Bluetooth Driver (Intel): INDBLT-00282896-0042.EXE
14. Bluetooth Driver (Atheros): AHDBLT-00284455-0042.EXE
15. Pointing Driver (Synaptics): SPDTPD-00285157-0042.EXE
16. Fingerprint Utility: AUAOTH-00266717-0042.EXE
17. Sony Share Library: SOASSL-00264711-0042.EXE
18. Infineon TPM Proffessional Package: IFAOTH-00264024-0042.EXE
19. VAIO Location Utility: SOAVLU-00179295-0040.EXE
20. VAIO Update: SOAVUD-00264819-0042.EXE
21. VAIO Gate: SOAVAG-00256385-0042.EXE
22. SFEP Driver: INDOTH-00282096-0042.EXE
23. VAIO Smart Network: SOASNW-00267602-0042.EXE
24. Notebook Utilities: SOAOTH-606A0000-0042.EXE

Important Notes

Please install the following drivers and applications based from the download order.

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