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ExpressCache Driver(Condusiv) Update version

Article ID:551318(modified 11 Mar 2013)

Applicable Models

SVT131300C, SVT13133CA, SVT13133CF, SVT13133CG, SVT13133CH, SVT13133CV, SVT13133CW, SVT13135PN, SVT13136CG, SVT13136CV, SVT13136CW, SVT13137CCS, SVT13137CG, SVT13137CV, SVT13137CW, SVT13138CCS, SVT13139CCS, SVT1313S0C, SVT1313S1C, SVT1313S2C, SVT1313S3C, SVT1313S4C, SVT1313S5C, SVT1313S6C, SVT1313S7C, SVT1313S8C, SVT1313S9C, SVT141200C, SVT14123CN, SVT14125PN, SVT14126CN, SVT14126CV, SVT14126CW, SVT14127CG, SVT14127CH, SVT14128CCS, SVT14129CCS, SVT1412S0C, SVT1412S1C, SVT1412S2C, SVT1412S3C, SVT1412S4C, SVT1412S5C, SVT1412S6C, SVT1412S7C, SVT1412S8C, SVT1412S9C

What does this download do?

This program will update ExpressCache Driver(Condusiv) to version and will resolve the following symptoms:

- Black screen occurs when system reboots after modifying the partition size via Disk Management.
- Black screen occurs approximately 5 minutes after rebooting the system from shutdown and cold-boot.

Available Downloads:
ExpressCache Driver(Condusiv) Update version
File name: EP0000286139.exe
File size: 7.73 MB (8,105,984 bytes)

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