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How to playback the photo/music/video via USB


    You can enjoy photo/music/video files stored in a Sony digital still camera or camcorder through a USB cable or USB storage device on your TV.

    1. Connect a supported USB device to the TV.
    2. Press the HOME button on the remote.
    3. Press Up/Down arrow then Enter to select Media.
    4. Press Up/Down arrow then Enter to select Photo, Music or Video.
    5. Device Selection appears.
      Press Up/Down arrow then Enter to select a device.
    6. Press Up/Down/Left/Right arrow then Enter to select a file or folder.

    • Playback Options
      Press the red button in thumbnail view to display the list of USB playback settings.

    • To adjust the picture and sound quality of USB media
      Press OPTIONS during media playback then select Picture or Sound.
      NOTE: Press Up/Down/Left/Right arrow then Enter to select and adjust an item.

    • To play a photo as a slideshow (Photo)
      Press the green button in thumbnail view to start slideshow.
      To set Slideshow Effect and Slideshow Speed, press OPTIONS and select Playback Options.
      To stop a slideshow, press RETURN.


    • While the TV is accessing the data on a USB device, observe the following:
      • Do not turn off the TV.
      • Do not disconnect the USB cable.
      • Do not remove the USB device.

    The data on the USB device may be damaged.

    • Sony will not be held liable for any damage to, or loss of, data on the recording media due to a malfunction of any connected devices or the TV.
    • The file name and folder name may not display correctly in some cases.
    • When you connect a Sony digital still camera, set the camera’s USB connection mode to Auto or Mass Storage. For more information about USB connection mode, refer to the instructions supplied with your digital camera.
    • Use a USB storage device that is compliant with USB mass storage device class standards.
    • If a selected file has incorrect container information, or is incomplete, it cannot be played back.