Article ID : 00182569 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Security Notice For Users of Portable Wireless Server WG-C10


    Dear Sony Customers,

    Our Wireless Portable Server WG-C10, released in April 2013, features a wireless LAN connection to access smartphones and tablets. This usage can be safely enjoyed only if you set proper security settings on your WG-10. To ensure security and protect against a malicious attacker accessing your WG-C10, please follow the instructions as described below. Otherwise, you could unintentionally allow unauthorized Wi-Fi devices to access your WG-C10 by connecting to the same wireless LAN network you are using.

    1. Set a wireless LAN password/access password
    Be sure to set the security settings on your WG-C10 according to the Help Guide shown below. Also, if you give your wireless LAN password or access password to others for the purpose of sharing files, we highly recommend that you change your password afterwards.

    Help Guide
    Setting the Wi-Fi security using "PWS Manager" (Android device)
    Setting the Wi-Fi security using "PWS Manager" (iOS device)

    2. Avoid the use of public wireless LAN services
    WG-C10 allows you to connect to the Internet through a wireless LAN router. However, some public LAN services do not ensure security and allow an unspecified number of users to connect. For the sake of security, we highly recommend that you avoid connecting your WG-C10 to public wireless LAN services.