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    To keep your new VAIO computer at peak performance, VAIO Care program is designed to:

    • Automatically monitor your computer's performance on a regular schedule.
    • Provide summary reports of your computer's health.
    • Locate troubleshooting advice, information, and instructions.
    • Troubleshoot performance issues.
    • Provide access to easy-to-use diagnostic tools.
    • Cross-reference to helpful information located in VAIO® Help and Support or online.
    • Access the Internet to keep the VAIO Care program updated.
    • Connect to valuable services that support a problem-free computing experience.

    VAIO Care Features

    The VAIO Care program features, along with its tools and reports, are intended to supplement regular care and maintenance of your computer. When used with regularly scheduled care and maintenance, the VAIO Care service features support:

    • Properly configured antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and related security programs.
    • Routine backups of your data to secure locations.
    • Use of support services to consult a Sony-qualified technician about major issues.

    One Click Care

    This VAIO Care feature performs an immediate assessment of your computer system and delivers a comprehensive report that provides information and suggests repairs. The VAIO Care Report notifies of the status of all items that appear in the report.

    • There is an item(s) that requires immediate attention.
    • There is an item(s) that may indicate a potential problem.
    • Everything is working properly and no item requires attention at this time.


    Troubleshooting provides options to locate and resolve issues. You can view possible solutions using the VAIO Advisor feature, which analyzes items that are not working properly. You can run software or hardware diagnostics if you need help locating the cause of an issue.

    VAIO Assist Button

    Certain VAIO computers are equipped with an Assist button. This button enables immediate access to VAIO Care's troubleshooting features.

    When your computer is not performing well or an issue occurs:

    1. Press the Assist button on your computer. (See the VAIO User Guide for the location of the Assist button on your computer.)
    2. The VAIO Care program starts and the Troubleshooting section is displayed.
    3. Use the VAIO Advisor or Diagnostic features to resolve your issue.

    Recovery & Restore

    The VAIO Care program's Recovery & Restore feature provides assistance in the event your computer experiences major issues.

    The options described in Recovery & Restore are:

    • Restore Windows - You can reset your computer to a previous, working state without affecting saved files.
    • Install Applications and Drivers - You can reinstall the original, factory-installed software programs and drivers.
    • Create Recovery Disc - You can create recovery media that can restore your system and settings, in the event of a hard disk drive failure or other system malfunction.
    • Recover Computer - You can restore your hard disk drive back to its original, factory-installed configuration. This option erases all personal files, customized system settings, and software installed after the purchase of the computer.

    Contact Sony

    The Contact Sony feature delivers technical support excellence by providing:

    • Your system's information, such as model name or serial number, required for all technical support or services.
    • Access to contact Sony's online technical support by telephone, chat, or e-mail.