Thank you for purchasing a Sony product.

    Please refer to below Warranty Terms & Conditions

    Sony Middle East and Africa FZE (“We”, “Sony”) provides you manufacturer warranty coverage as provided in sections (1) through (4) for Sony Products (“Manufacturer Warranty”). 

    Please carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the Warranty provided hereunder.

    Manufacturer Warranty Terms & Conditions:

    1) Sony Products Covered Under Manufacturer Warranty:

    Sony Product shall mean Sony branded products as listed below that you purchased as customer in Republic of Mauritius from authorised retailer with valid proof of purchase (original invoice or sales receipt), indicating the date of purchase, model name of the product, retailer's name/ Stamp .


    Products, that are not on the above list, are not covered by the Manufacturer Warranty and please contact your local retailer for the warranty information.

    2) Parts Not Covered Under Manufacturer Warranty:

    (i) Accessories (such as remote controls, adaptors, cables and similar items)

    (ii) Consumables (components that are expected to require periodic replacement during the lifetime of a product such as batteries and similar items)

    (iii) Cosmetic parts of the product (such as cabinets, buttons, switches and similar items)

    (iv) Software and any updates thereof

     3) Manufacturer Warranty Conditions:

    a) In order to benefit from the Manufacturer Warranty, you have to present authorised reseller's invoice / receipt, which shows the date of purchase of subject Sony Product.

    b) The Manufacturer Warranty being offered is only for repair of the subject Sony Product, NOT a replacement of the product, etc.

    c) The Manufacturer Warranty being offered does NOT cover:

    - Transportation to and from the service centre, shipping costs, local customs and any other traffic related costs that may occur.

    - Removal and installation of the unit.

    - Any physical damage or burnt components due to build-up of excessive heat, corrosion due to moisture, liquid, insects, external hits, internal glass breaks, accidents, transit damage, power fluctuations, product misuse, improper cleaning, wear and tear, natural disaster, act of God, and / or by any operation violating or not covered by usage instructions.

    - Sony Products tampered with or repaired by any person who is not authorised by Sony.

    - Sony Products whose Model Name or Serial Number does not match with that on the set, invoice / receipt or the product carton, or if they have been altered, removed or mutilated.

    d) Only Sony’s authorised service centres, listed below, can judge whether or not the Manufacturer Warranty is applicable under the above mentioned conditions.

     4) Disclaimer:

    To the extent allowed by applicable laws, no implied warranty (including that of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose) applies to Sony Products. You can enforce your right or cure any damage caused to you only by ways specified in the Manufacturer Warranty. Sony shall not be liable for loss of data or any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages (including loss of benefits or profits) arising from or in connection with Sony Products, whether based on contract, tort or otherwise.

    Please contact the following Sony authorised service centre to avail the Manufacturer Warranty:

     Iconic Technology Ltd

    Lot 1-4, The Flore Building Rue Dairy,74107- Floreal, Mauritius

     Telephone: +230 6066060


     Service Hours:

    Mon-Fri; 8:30am - 5:00pm