Article ID : 00248490 / Last Modified : 07/08/2020

Safeguard the WI-SP510 and avoid liquid damage by sealing the USB-cover

    The WI-SP510 has an IPX5 rating, which means it’s protected against splashes and sweat, which is ideal for working out.

    To ensure this IPX5 rating, the USB-charging port needs to be covered correctly. If the lid is not tightly secured, liquid might enter the device, causing failures such as charging issues, no power and generally damaging your headphones.  

    As you can see in this table below, you should check if the lid completely covers the USB-C port. By leaving a corner unsealed, liquids could find its way into your device.

    how to close the cover of the USB slotliquid damage when USB cover is not in place
    An unsealed cover might lead to liquid damageExample of liquid damage to the USB-C charging port