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How to enable or disable the NumLockfunction during the startup of the VAIO computer?

    Enabling or disabling the NumLockfunction during the startup of the VAIO computer

    Windows® XP will sometimes release the NumLock function at the time of Windows startup. Depending on models, this is due to the settings which cancel the NumLock function during Windows startup still exist in the user profile of the default user.

    Please follow the steps below to enable or disable the NumLock function:
    1. Click Start and then click Turn Off Computer.
    2. Press the Num Lk key to enable or disable the NumLock function.
    3. Click Turn off or Restart.
    With the above settings, the NumLock function on the logon window is always turned on or off from the next startup of Windows.

    Alternatively, the following technical support information of Microsoft describes how to change the settings. This option involved registries editing. Therefore, Sony does not gurantee any problems that results from using the Registry Editor incorrectly.
    Note: Registries are very important files for the Windows system. If they are edited incorrectly, serious problems such Windows cease to start which indirectly leads to reinstallation of Windows may occur.
    Sony will not be responsible for such issues and will not be in a position to do rectify the problems that result from the editing of registries.
    We strongly suggest to save the registry key before editing registries.

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    Title: How to Enable the NUM LOCK Key for the Logon Screen