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Why does an error message appear when showing a screen saver under dual display settings?

    If a screen saver that uses DirectX is executed while using the dual display function, the following error message appears and the screen saver is aborted.

    Err Msg:
    sstext3d.scr: Finishing sstest3d.scr as an error occurred.

    Note: The following screen savers will cause the symptom to occur.
    - 3D Text
    - 3D Pipes
    - 3D Flower Boxes
    - 3d Flying Objects

    Please refer to the steps below to use a 3D screen saver under the dual display settings:

    1. Right-click the desktop and click Properties.
    2. Click the Screen Saver tab.
    3. Select a 3D screen saver and click Settings.
    4. When the (Screen saver name) Setting dialog box appears, click Display Settings.
    5. Click the Monitor 2 tab.
    * This tab appears only in the dual display environment.
    6. Select either of the following options.
    i. Disable hardware rendering of this monitor option.
    ii. Do not show any on this monitor option.
    7. Click OK