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What are user privileges and the usage for Windows® XP Home?

    1. The relation between a user and a group.
    2. The types of user privileges available.

    Windows User privileges work by verifing and identifying computer users at startups. The purpose of using Windows User privileges is to ensure security.
    When multiple persons share one computer, they are able to register their own information and use the same computer as their own.

    The main groups for Windows® XP Home include the following:
    1. Computer Administrator
    This group allows users to change many system settings, make system-wide changes and also install/access all programs.

    2. Limited
    This group has limited privileges. Users can operate the computer and save documents, but cannot always install programs or change the system settings.
    Note: Programs designed prior to Windows® XP or Windows® 2000 might not work properly with limited accounts. For best results, choose programs that have the Designed for Windows XP logo, or, to run older programs, choose the Computer Administrator account type.