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Is Microsoft Product Activation for Windows XP required?

    Is Microsoft Product Activation for Windows XP required?

    The activation of Windows XP is not required for VAIO computers.

    Windows XP is designed to prevent the infringement of the copyright of software such as Casual Copy (unintentional but still illegal copying) with product activation. Casual Copy including the share and installation of software together with others infringes the End User License Agreement (EULA).
    1. User is prompted to carry out product activation at the time of setup or use.
    2. Windows XP allows user continous usage for 30 days without executing product activation.
    3. User can select the method of activation - through Internet or by telephone.
    4. Confirmation is automatic when user selects Internet for product activation. For product activation by telephone, user calls Microsoft toll-free, advises the install ID on the screen to the operator and types a confirmation ID to complete the activation procedure.
    5. The product activation of the software is then successfully completed.
    Note: Product activation is also required when upgrading the operating system to Windows XP.
    To start the activation wizard, click Start, point to All Programs and click Activate Windows. Then follow the steps below to activate Windows XP with the respective methods.

    i. Activating Windows XP through the Internet
    Select the Yes, let's activate Windows over the Internet now option and click Next.

    Note: Activation of Windows XP through dial-up connection (when there's no agreement with an Internet Service Provider) is possible by dialing the free dial number as long as proper settings of the modem have been made.

    ii. Activating Windows XP by telephone
    Select the Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows option and click Next.
    Then, select a country to display the telephone number to dial for the activation.

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