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I cannot charge the battery when connecting to a computer by USB cable.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article before starting these steps.

    Check the connecting condition according to the following procedure.

    1. Turn on your computer.
      NOTE: If you use a notebook computer, connect it to an AC adaptor.
    2. Before connecting the USB cable to the terminal of the camera, the camera should be turned off.
      • The camera cannot be charged when its power is on.
      • As the camera switches to the USB connection mode when connecting to USB right after the power supply is cut by automatic power off, connect with USB about 10 seconds after the powers turns off.
    3. Connect to a computer that is running with a USB cable.
    4. Make sure that the charge lamp lights.

      NOTE: If the lamp goes out right after charging has started, there is a possibility that the camera has been already charged. Check the battery remaining amount on the camera.

    5. When the issue is not resolved even if you try to connect with another USB port, check if you can charge with another PC .


    • Depending on the computer, you cannot charge the camera in the sleep mode. Quit the sleep mode before connecting with USB.
    • If the camera is connected to a notebook computer which is not connected to an AC power supply, the battery of the notebook computer will be worn out. It is recommended to connect the notebook computer to an AC adaptor to charge with USB.
    • Connecting via a USB hub is not guaranteed. Connect a USB cable to the USB terminal of your computer directly.
    • Use the USB cable supplied with your camera.

    If you are using a computer with Windows 10 installed, you may be unable to charge your device unless a driver is updated: