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What is Automatic Firmware Update?

    Automatic firmware update is one of the methods that an Walkman can be booted automatically and updated easily via the application Media Go on a PC, by following the on-screen instructions.

    When Media Go is running on your PC with an internet connection and the Walkman is connected to the PC, Media Go detects whether there is a firmware update for the Walkman.

    If there is a firmware update available, you may perform the update procedure to update the firmware to the latest version.

    Media Go can only update the firmware for the Walkman itself.


    • There are Walkman models which are not compatible with Media Go.
    • Depending on update contents, the updating method may be limited.
      For details on supported update method, refer to The automatic firmware update function.
    • If you are using an Walkman with Android OS, set USB auto connection to on.

    Update your Walkman by following the procedure below.


    • Do not disconnect the Walkman from the PC and operate the Walkman while its software is updating.
    • Charge the battery of the Walkman fully before software update.
    • Logging in to the PC by the user name belonged to Computer's Administrator or Administrator before software update.


    1.  Connect an Walkman to a PC.
    2.  Start Media Go on the PC.
    3.  Click WALKMAN on the left screen of Media Go.

      4. As the update message appears, click Install.
      NOTE: When the update message does not appear, the software update is unnecessary.

      5. As the update notification window appears on the PC screen, read through it and check the box of  I agree to the above on bottom right then click Update now.
      Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the software update.

      6. When the message indicates that the software update is complete appears, click OK.

    Software update FAQ

    Q1. The update notification window does not appear on the PC screen.
    A1. Try the following:

    • Check whether the PC has internet connection.
    • Terminate "Media Go" then restart it.
      If there is a software update available, a notification message will appear on the overview window of an Walkman.

    Q2. Can the software be rolled back to the previous version?
    A2. No, it cannot. Use a Walkman with the latest software.