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How to transfer music files to the portable player using the Windows Media Player software.

    How to transfer tracks from an audio CD to the portable player using the Windows Media Player 12 software.

    You can use the Rip function of the Windows Media Player software to import music from a CD. Once ripped to the hard drive of your computer, they can then be transferred to the portable player. Follow the procedure below:

    NOTE:  Imported songs are stored in the Music folder of the computer.

    1. Insert an audio CD into the CD/DVD drive of the computer.
    2. Start the Windows Media Player software.
    3. In the left pane, click on the CD title. A list of songs from the CD should appear.

      NOTE:  The CD title may be listed as Unknown album. In this case, you may want to obtain the track titles first. With an Internet connection established, right click the album title and then click Update album info from them menu.

    4. All songs have a box next to each one of them, by default all boxes are checked. If there are any tracks you do not wish to transfer, you can uncheck them.
    5. From the menu, click Rip CD.

    Once the songs have been imported, you can transfer them to your portable player by doing the following:

    1. In the left pane, under Library, click Music.

      NOTE:  A list of songs will display.

    2. Connect your portable player to the computer.
    3. Click the Sync tab.
    4. Locate the tracks you wish to transfer and then drag and drop them into the Sync list area. You can drag individual songs or an entire album.

      NOTE:  To drag the complete album, drag the album cover to the Sync list area.

    5. The sync process should start. If it does not start automatically, at the top of the Sync tab, click the Start sync button.