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  • USD5G
  • USD8G
  • USD2G

About this download

The Auto Sync software is a convenient application that automatically synchronizes the contents of folders on a computer with a USB storage device such as Micro Vault PRO.

To manually synchronize with a computer that has the Auto Sync software, choose the drive (USB storage media such as Micro Vault) to synchronize with and click the Sync button. After the files are copied to the media, the storage media is easily portable and the files can be changed using any computer. Auto Sync will always retain the latest versions when files are changed on either side.

* Synchronization applies to a computer having Auto Sync software installed and the storage media inserted. The synchronization by Auto Sync software cannot be performed with other computers.
* Auto Sync includes a version control function that manages version creation when synchronizing, retaining backups to a maximum of ten generations. This function enables recovery of overwritten files by backtracking through several previous generations.

Available Download:
Filename: autosync_007.exe
Download size: 8.37MB
Updated on: 2006/9/29

File Info

File Name

  • Auto Sync Software for Micro Vault Pro

File Size

  • 8.37MB

Release Date

  • 2006-08-24

System Requirements

  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP


Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure proper installation of the driver program.


* When using the Micro Vault Pro with Windows Me/2000/XP, it is not necessary to install this device driver. As soon as the Micro Vault Pro is connected to a USB port on the computer, the computer will recognize the Micro Vault Pro automatically and install the device driver. However, with some USB2.0 cards or boards, manual installation may be required.

* The Micro Vault Pro may not function correctly if it is connected to the computer, after the computer is started, restarted, or restored from sleep mode. Please disconnect the Micro Vault Pro from the computer before performing any of the operations listed above.



To download the file:
1. Create a folder to store the downloaded file.
2. Save the downloaded file (autosync_007.exe) in this folder.
3. When the download is completed, use Windows Explorer to browse to the folder where the file is saved. Click Views and click Details. If the file size is the same download size as above [8.37MB (8,575KB)], the downloading has been completed correctly. If the size is different, please delete the file and download it again.

To install the software application:
1. Double click on the autosync_007.exe file and click OK. 
Note: Please read the Read_this_First.html in the downloaded file.
2. Go to "Install Directory", navigate to the install folder and double-click on setup_autosync.exe file. A Choose Setup Language pop-up screen will appear.
3. Select the desired language and click OK. A Auto sync - InstallShield Wizard will appear.
4. At the License Agreement section, click I accept the terms in the license agreement and then click Next.
5. At the Ready to Install the Program section, click Install. The installation process begins.
6. When the InstallShield Wizard Complete section appears, click Finish.
7. Connect the Micro Vault Pro to the computer to start the synchronization.