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Why is the Walkman not detected by SonicStage and Windows, and it does not appear as a Removable Disk in My Computer?

    When connecting the Walkman to a computer, it is not detected by SonicStage and Windows and it does not appear as a Removable Disk in My Computer.

    This symptom may occur when there is no drive letter assigned to the Walkman or when the drive letter that is assigned to the Walkman is already mapped to a network share or to a local path.

    The symptom can easily be resolved by assigning an unused drive letter to the Walkman. To do this, proceed as follows:

    1. Click Start, and then right-click My Computer and select Manage.
      The Computer Management window for the local computer is displayed. "Computer Management (Local)" is displayed at the root of the console tree.
    2. In the console tree, expand Storage and click on Disk Management
    3. Right-click on the volume icon next to the partition or logical drive that corresponds to the walkman and click Change Drive Letter and Paths….
      - If there are several volumes and do not know which one corresponds with the Walkman, it is possible to find out the correct volume by briefly disconnecting and then reconnecting the Walkman from the USB port. Observe which volume is affected by this operation (it will disappear when the Walkman is disconnected and reappear when the Walkman is reconnected).
    4. Do one of the following:
      • If there is no drive letter assigned, click Add, select the drive letter to use, and then click OK.
      • To modify the currently assigned drive letter, click the drive letter, click Change, select the drive letter to use, and then click OK.

      Warning: When modifying drive letters, one of the following warnings may appear:
      1. “Drive Letter is already mapped to a network share or a local path. In order to see the volume after the operation, you must remove the current mapping
      2. “Changing the drive letter might cause programs no longer to run.” XXX

        If the first warning message (1.) appears, click NO and select a different drive letter. If the second warning message (2.) appears, click YES to confirm.

    Note: If changing the drive letter does not resolve the issue.

    • User may try to initialize the WALKMAN. Please refer to the instruction manual of the WALKMAN.
    • Please try and connect the Walkman to another USB port or another computer.
    • Check if the USB connector is connected to a USB port on your computer properly.
      Disconnect the player, and then reconnect it.
    • A USB Hub is being used. Connecting the player via USB hub may not work. Connect the player directly to the computer.