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How to turn captions on or off when watching Internet videos from YouTube

    You can turn on captions for YouTube videos in the following cases.

    • Videos with captions added by the video owner
    • Videos that use YouTube’s automatic caption feature

    The procedures to turn captions on or off in a computer or mobile device are as follows.

    NOTE: The information below is current as of August 2018. The specifications of the YouTube app may change without notice. Also, the displayed content may vary depending on the selected language and viewing environment. For the latest procedure and further information, refer to the following.


    • Turn caption on or off
      1. Select and begin playing a video.
      2. If captions are available the  icon will be visible on the player.
      3. To turn captions on, click .
        The icon changes to .
      4. To turn captions off, click  again.
        The icon changes to .
    • Select caption language
      Choose different caption languages by clicking the settings icon on a video.
      1. Click the  settings icon.
      2. Click Subtitles/CC on the video.
      3. Choose a language.
        NOTE: If the language is not listed, click Auto-translate and select a language. It is the option for auto-translated captions, which are translated using Google Translate.

    mobile device (Android)

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    mobile device (iPhone & iPad)

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