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How to achieve the best fit for your Sony Truly Wireless / In-Ear Earbuds

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article before starting these steps.

    Choosing the right fit for your earbuds is not only essential to ensure the best audio experience and maximum noise cancelation. You should naturally be able to enjoy your listening experience without any discomfort. This article will help you to find the best fit and best overall audio experience with your earbuds:

    Note: If you use Noise Isolation Earbud Tips, refer to the How to use the Noise Isolation Earbud Tips article.

    What are the different types of earbuds?

    Our true wireless earphones come with size M long hybrid silicone rubber earbuds attached as default. Depending on the model, the triple-comfort earbuds are also supplied, which have excellent high noise isolation and are better suited for long-duration wearing.

    Both types differ in color, and if you should have difficulties telling apart the sizes, dotted lines or color indicators help you spot the difference:

    Dotted lines:
    You can determine the size based on the number of lines inside the bottom of the earbuds.
    You can determine the size based on the color of the inside of the earbuds.

    Using the WF-1000XM3 as an example, there are two types of earbud with several sizes:

    • Long hybrid silicone rubber earbuds (with dotted lines indicating the sizes)

      Long hybrid silicone rubber earbuds

      • SS: 1 line
      • S: 2 lines
      • M: 3 lines
      • L: 4 lines
    • Triple-comfort earbuds (with different colors indicating the sizes)

      Triple-comfort earbuds

      • S: Orange
      • M: Green
      • L: Light blue

    What's the best earbud for me?

    When you set-up your earbuds, it's important to try different varieties and see what works and fits best for you.

    Everyone's ears are different, so be adventurous and experience the difference between hybrid silicone rubber, triple-comfort (if supplied with your headphones) and the different size ranges. Your goal is to get the best fit, feel and sound experience for you. A good fit means a comfortable seal with which you achieve a solid bass and hear the least amount of ambient noise.

    When trying to find the best earbuds, try the sizes in order from the larger sizes to the smaller sizes. You might be careful that the best size earbuds may be different for left and right ear.

    How do I change the earbud tips?

    Changing the earbuds is easy. If you want to remove an earbud tip, don't yank or pull them off but twist them off. Try to avoid pinching the earbud as well, as you don't want to damage anything.
    image removing the earbuds

    To put a new earbud in place, gently push the earbud tip evenly over the earbud.
    Make sure that it completely covers the audio channel, and avoid the tip being skewed. You might lose it.
    image attaching the earbuds

    What's the best way to insert the earbuds?

    Insert vertically, tilt horizontally.
    image wearing the headphones

    1. A good tactic is to insert the earbud vertically and then gently rotate it upwards until you feel it's snug and secure. The earbuds position should end up being quite parallel to the ground.
    2. The angle might be different for you. Everybody's ear is different, so make sure you try different angles to see what's works for you.
    3. To help you get a good fit, you can pull back the upper part of your ear (the helix) while gently applying pressure to the earbud. It might help you achieve a better fit.
      Once the earbuds are in position, the ergonomic design of the earbuds will help them stabilize in your ear.
      image fitting the headphones