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How to care for the headphones (WF-1000XM4)

    Follow the steps below to help you care for your headphones regularly:

    1. Care for the headphones
    2. Charging the headphones

    1. Care for the headphones

    Clean the headphones

    • Using a soft dry cloth, wipe off any water or moisture on the headphones.
    • Do not leave the headphones in a cold environment, as any water or moisture left on the headphones may freeze.

    Clean the Noise Isolation Earbud Tips

    • When a Noise Isolation Earbud Tip is dirty, wipe it with a soft dry cloth.
    • Do not wash the earbud tips in water or use a wet wipe. Doing so may quicken deterioration.

      WARNING! Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol, as they may damage the surface.

    • Digging your nails into the earbud tip or scuffing them using a metal material may cause damage.
      IMPORTANT: If the earbuds are cracked, peeled, or deteriorated, refrain from using them and purchase new ones. If the earbuds are not in good condition they may not provide full sound quality or noise-canceling performance. Furthermore, wearing cracked, peeled, or deteriorated earbuds may result in earbud fragments remaining in your ear, which could cause injury or illness.

    Clean the charging ports

    Leaving foreign substances, sweat, or moisture on the headphones or charging case can cause corrosion and make charging more difficult, or not possible at all.
    Clean the headphones and charging ports of the charging case using a soft cloth or cotton swab.
    Note: If the battery charges slowly or cannot be charged at all, carefully cleaning the charging ports may improve the charging.

    Maintaining the Charging ports

    Charging case
    image indicating the charging ports on the charging case

    • A: Charging ports

    image indicating the charging ports on the headphones

    • A: Charging ports

    How to clean the charging ports

    Cleaning the charging ports on the charging case with a soft cloth
    Cleaning the charging ports on the headphones with a soft cloth

    Note: Don’t use compressed air to remove dust as this can cause dust to get into the microphone or sound outlet holes, leading to malfunction.

    Clean the sound outlet holes

    If foreign substances (such as earwax) build up in the earbuds, no sound may come out or the volume may seem lower than usual. Regular cleaning can prevent these issues.

    How to clean the sound outlet holes

    Without removing the earbuds, wipe off any dirt inside the sound outlet holes using a soft cloth such as tissue paper.

    image indicating the sound outlet holes on the headphones

    • A: Sound outlet holes


    • Be careful not to accidentally push dirt or debris into the earbud tips.
    • If needed, use a flashlight to make sure the stem color cannot be seen.
    • Do not wash with water or with wet wipes.

    Drain the sound outlet holes

    If water or sweat remains in the sound output holes, the sound may become difficult to hear. To remove any remaining water or sweat, over a dry cloth, turn the headphone piece so that the sound hole is pointed downward and gently tap about 5 times to allow any water or sweat to drain out.

    Drain the microphone holes

    Make sure that no water or sweat is left in the microphone hole. Doing so can cause corrosion. To remove any remaining water or sweat, over a dry cloth, turn the microphone hole downward and gently tap it about 5 times to allow any water or sweat to drain out.

    Note: There are two microphones. Be sure to drain each one.

    image indicating the microphones on the headphones

    • A: Microphones

    Dry the headphones

    After cleaning the headphones, leave them at room temperature and allow them to dry completely.

    Note: When drying the headphones, if the IR sensors touch the table, the headphones may think they are being used and may continue to consume battery power. To avoid this, lay the headphones with the IR sensor sideways or face up.
    image indicating the IR Sensor on the headphones

    • A: IR Sensor

    After cleaning the headphones, set the headphones in the charging case and close the lid.

    2. Charging the headphones

    Note: The charging case is not water-resistant. If you start charging with water or moisture left on the headphones, that water or moisture can enter the charging case which can cause a short circuit of the internal components, or cause corrosion of the headphones and/or charging case. Please be aware that malfunctions resulting from water in the charging case are considered misuse and are not covered by the warranty.