#SonyAlphaPortrait Instagram Photo Contest

Sony α Series Instagram Portrait Photo Contest

Sony Middle East & Africa FZE is holding an Instagram photo contest for the users of Alpha Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless cameras.

Take part in this contest by sharing your photos through Instagram. The contest entry will be valid from photos posted on Instagram from 15 June 2018 to 15 August 2018.

Entries will be judged on the basis of the level of creativity, originality and visual/emotional impact of the image and the winning entries will be announced on Sony group websites and social media channels.

Winning photos selected in Middle East & Africa will also be entered for a global contest and global winners will be selected among entries from all over the world.

Submit your photos and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes!

See below for full terms and conditions.

Contest Entry

Step 1 Follow the @Sony.Alpha_photocontest Instagram account Step 2 Post your photos on Instagram with the Entry Hashtags listed below to take part in the contest


Portrait Photography

Tips for Capturing Intriguing Portraits

Discover the Power of Eye AF

Sony α series Eye AF mode* offers immediate, effective eye detection and tracking, even when shooting a moving portrait subject. It focuses on and tracks an eye with great precision and speed, even when a subject is moving, is looking down and away, or is backlit. Not only does Eye AF find the eye to establish focus, but it holds the eye as the camera and subject move and as you shoot at high frame rates. Having the ability to lock onto an eye and hold it like this is a game-changer. What better chance than to use this wonderful function!

*To find out camera models supporting full function of Eye AF, click here.

Eye AF

Entry Hashtags

Post your photos on Instagram with the following hashtags to take part in the contest;

1. #SonyAlphaPortrait
2. #SonyMEA_Alpha (using one of the country hashtags listed below)
3. #model name (e.g. #A7RM3, #A6000, #A9)
4. #country (e.g. #UAE, #KSA)
(e.g. #SonyAlphaPortrait #SonyMEA_Alpha #UAE #A7RM2)

and tag @SonyMEA Instagram account.

Entry Info

Contest Period

15 June 2018
to midnight of 15 August 2018

Contest Procedures

Step 1 Participation in the Contest

You must read all terms & conditions before entering the contest – by entering the contest you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms & conditions. Follow the steps under Contest Entry to take part by midnight of 16 August, 2018.

Step 2 Contact of Shortlisted Participants

Shortlisted participants will be contacted via Instagram Direct from "@SonyMEA" Instagram account by the end of August 2018 and will be required to send in their photos with EXIF data intact within the designated period.
*If no response is received within 5 days of being contacted, the participant is deemed to have withdrawn from the contest.
**Please be informed that only shortlisted participants will be contacted.

Step 3 Announcement of MEA Winners

Winners in Europe will be announced by early-September 2018 through Sony Europe E-mail. Winning photos from Europe may also be shared via "@SonyMEA" Instagram account and other Sony Group Social Media accounts.

Step 4 Announcement of Global Winners

Global winners will be selected among winning entries from each region, and announced by mid-October 2018 on "@SonyMEA" Instagram accounts, and also on Sony group Social Media accounts and websites.

Step 5 Dispatch of Prizes

Both regional winners and global winners will be notified via Instagram Direct from the "@SonyMEA" Instagram account and will be requested to provide their contact details including address to facilitate the dispatch of prizes.

Awards and Prizes

Prizes for MEA Winners: 3 Persons

1st Place (1 Person)
Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α7 III with FE28-70mm F3.5-5.6 Lens Kit ILCE-7M3K
2nd Place (1 Person)
Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α6500 with FE18-135mm F3.5-5.6 Lens Kit ILCE-6500M
3rd Place (1 Person)
Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α6300 with FE16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Lens Kit ILCE-6300L

Prizes for Global Winners: 5 Persons

Winners will each be awarded with an Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α9 as well as a Sony G Master Series lens of their choice from the list below.

Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α9 ILCE-9
Winner’s choice of a lens from the Sony G Master Series lenses listed below;
FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM SEL1635GM
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM SEL2470GM
FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS SEL70200GM
FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS SEL100400GM
FE 85mm F1.4 GM SEL85F14GM
FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS SEL100F28GM

The Panel of Judges for Global Winner

Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Portrait Photographer

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer.
He may be known best for portraits of actors, business leaders, politicians, and athletes. For the past 30 years, Brian Smith's iconic portraits of Hollywood's A-List and Fortune's 500 have graced the covers and pages of hundreds of magazines including Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Time, People, Forbes, Billboard, Elle and GQ.

Pilar Trigo Bonnin

Pilar Trigo Bonnin

Wedding, Portrait and Fashion Photographer

Pilar Trigo Bonnin is one of Philippines’ most respected and sought-after Wedding, Portrait and Fashion Photographer. She photographed her first wedding 14 years ago and has won many awards for her work. She also won the first Photographer of the Year in 2003 with the association, Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines.

Joseph Radhik

Joseph Radhik

Wedding Photographer

A globally recognized wedding photographer whose work focuses on the beauty and emotion in every celebration, Joseph Radhik is the first place Winner at the International Photography Awards (New York) 2015, the photographer of the year 2017 from Asian Photography, ranked in the Top 25 wedding photographers of the world by the Wedding Photographer Society 2017, ranked in top 10 most influential photographers in Asia and on the web, TEDx speaker on the importance of self-learning, multiple gold winner at The Great Indian Wedding Awards 2014/2015 and top of the wish list for prospective brides and grooms everywhere.

Nick Dolding

Nick Dolding

Advertising Photographer

Winner of the 2018 Sony World Photography Open competition for portraiture. Nick has been an advertising photographer shooting in London for over 30 years. He started as a second assistant to a brilliant still life photographer in Soho in the early 80's. Four years later, Nick got his first studio shooting mainly still life. He moved away from still life as he wanted to be able to interact with the subject. He believes that building a rapport with the subject gives photographers an extra chance of producing something special. Through his work in advertising, Nick, has been lucky enough to travel extensively and has worked on campaigns for many of the best known brands.

Terms and Conditions:


  1. The promoter of the Sony α Instagram Portrait Photography Contest ("Contest") is Sony Middle East and Africa FZE, Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai, UAE ("Sony"). The Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram. Instagram is hereby completely released of all liability by each participant in this Contest.
  2. The Contest is open only to residents the Middle East & Africa regions countries ("Participating Countries") who are 18 years or older as at the date of participation. You warrant to indemnify Sony against any and all claims in relation to your participation of this Contest and breach of its Terms and Conditions contained herein. Sony’s rights are hereby expressly reserved.

    Employees of Sony and its affiliates in Participating Countries, advertising and promotion agencies of Sony together with their employees, and immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of each of the aforesaid persons are not eligible to participate in this Contest.

    Sony reserves the right to disqualify and/or exclude any entries from the Contest, for any reason and for no reason, including without limitation, violation of any portion of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Contest will start on 15 June 2018 and will end at midnight on 15 August 2018 ("Contest Period")
  4. To enter the Contest you must complete the following steps:

    Step 1: follow the '@SonyMEA' Instagram account;
    Step 2: upload to your Instagram account a photograph taken by you personally using a Sony α camera and add the following hashtags:

    '#model name'(e.g. #A7RM3, #A6000, #A9)
    '#country name'(e.g. UAE, KSA)
    (e.g. #SonyAlphaPortrait #SonyMEA_Alpha #A7RM2#UAE)

    and tag @SonyMEA Instagram account.
  5. Submitted photos must have been taken using a Sony α series camera. Your Instagram account must be set to public in order to participate in the competition. Once posted, your photo must remain on your Instagram account until the end of the Contest Period set out at section 3 above, otherwise your entry may not be acknowledged.
  6. By submitting photos in accordance with section 4 above and entering the Contest, participants will be deemed to have accepted and to be bound by the Contest rules and these terms and conditions. Any further entry instructions given by Sony and posted on this webpage or @Sony.Alpha_photocontest Instagram account will form part of the Contest rules.
  7. Subject to section 9 below, the photos should be of portrait photography that takes advantage of the features of your Sony α camera. There is no limit on the number of photos that you can upload to participate, but each photo must be unique and comply with these terms and conditions.
  8. Photo(s) that are modified with any image editing software or equivalent programs are accepted. Participant guarantees that photo enhancement was made via use of legally acquired software.
  9. Participants are prohibited from tagging or entering any defamatory, libellous, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, or unlawful material (both in respect of photos and any associated comments/tags) or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law or Instagram’s terms of use. Participants may not submit photos that include watermarks, photo credits or any third party brands.
  10. Sony will review all eligible entries submitted through Instagram during the Contest Period and the photos will be judged, at Sony’s sole discretion, on the basis of the level of creativity, originality and visual/emotional impact of the image. A shortlist of entries will be selected by Sony on the basis of the preceding criteria and the final decision on winning entries will be made by an independent judge whose decisions will be final and binding
  11. Participants who have submitted potentially winning entries will be contacted using Instagram Direct from the @SonyMEA Instagram account and will be required to submit the EXIF data relating to the selected photo to demonstrate compliance with the entry requirements. Sony will subsequently follow up with potential winners via email with instructions on how to claim the prize. If a potential winner does not respond and comply with the instructions in the initial Instagram Direct message within five (5) days, or if the data reveals that the photo does not comply with these terms and conditions, the participant will not be eligible to receive the prize and an alternative winner will be selected. A maximum of three (3) alternate winners will be contacted.
  12. 3 winning entries will be selected and winners will receive one of the following prizes: 1st Place (1 Person): Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α7 III with FE28-70mm F3.5-5.6 Lens Kit (ILCE-7M3K) ,  2nd Place (1 Person): Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α6500 with FE18-135mm F3.5-5.6 Lens Kit (ILCE-6500M), 3rd Place (1 Person) Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α6300 with FE16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Lens Kit (ILCE-6300L)
  13. No cash or credit alternative is available. Prizes are not exchangeable or transferable. Should the prize(s) become unavailable for any reason, Sony reserves the right to provide a substitute prize of equivalent value.
  14. Winners shall be fully and solely responsible for any individual tax liability relating to receipt of the prize(s) and, by accepting their prize, winners agree to release Sony from any such liability.
  15. Winners will be contacted on the @SonyMEA Instagram account by early-September 2018 and prizes will be sent out to winners by the end of September 2018, at no cost to the winner. Prizes will only be delivered to addresses in the Qualifying Countries listed in section 2 above.
  16. All winning entries will automatically be entered into a further global prize contest ("Global Contest") alongside winners from contests in other regions, with a chance to win the following additional prizes:

    5 winning entries will be selected in the Global Contest with each winner receiving the following:
    One Interchangeable-lens Camera α9 (ILCE-9)
    Plus: Winner’s choice of one lens from the Sony G Master Series lenses listed below;
     - FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM (SEL1635GM)
     - FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM (SEL2470GM)
     - FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS (SEL70200GM)
     - FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS (EL100400GM)
     - FE 85mm F1.4 GM (SEL85F14GM)
     - FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS (SEL100F28GM)
  17. The Global Contest will be judged by a panel of judges set up by Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. in Japan including at least one independent judge and winning entries will be selected based on the overall composition and creativity/originality of the photo.
  18. Global Contest winners will be contacted using Instagram Direct from the @Sony.Alpha_photocontest Instagram account and winning entries will be announced on the @Sony.Alpha_photocontest Instagram account by mid-October, with prizes sent out by the end of October 2018.
  19. Acceptance of prizes shall constitute consent on the winner's part to allow the use of the winner's name, image and/or likeness by Sony for editorial, advertising, promotional, marketing and/or other purposes without further compensation except where prohibited by law. Other than notification of winners, no inquiries will be accepted regarding entries and selection of winners.
  20. By entering photos into the Contest, the participant warrants that: (1) the photos comply fully with the contest rules and these terms and conditions; (2) the photos are original photos taken by the participant using a Sony α series camera; (3) the participant owns all rights (including copyright) in the photo(s); and (4) the photos do not infringe the rights of any third party (including the right of publicity, privacy or any other equivalent rights of a person) and that permission has been obtained to use the image of any person included in any of the submitted photos. The participant acknowledges that the submission of images from third party sources (including, for example, other websites or blogs) is prohibited and use of such photos without permission may constitute infringement of copyright.
  21. Entries may be excluded or prizes rescinded if Sony reasonably determines that there has been an infringement of the entry requirements, these terms and conditions or public order and morality.
  22. The participant grants Sony an irrevocable, non-exclusive, free of charge licence to copy, modify, edit, adapt, publish, reproduce, display, distribute or otherwise use (including commercial and/or PR use) the submitted photos in any form or medium, anywhere in the world, forever (including a right to sub-license to other Sony group companies). The participant agrees to waive all moral rights in the use of the submitted photos. In particular, the participant acknowledges and agrees that submitted photos may be published on Sony Group websites and social media accounts and that Sony may edit or alter the photos (e.g. cropping or addition of image, music or sound effects). The participant warrants that it has the rights necessary to grant the licence set out in this clause.
  23. Sony accepts no liability in respect of the use of publication of submitted photos and the participant shall be solely responsible for resolving any disputes with third parties relating to the photos they have submitted, at their own cost. The participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Sony, its affiliate companies, directors, employees and agents from and against any claims, damages, losses, costs or expenses of any kind howsoever arising in connection with his/her participation in this Contest, including the use by Sony of submitted photos and the participant’s acceptance or use of the prizes.
  24. Sony makes no representations or warranties whether express or implied, regarding this Contest or the prizes, other than as expressly set out in these terms and conditions. Sony shall not be liable for any technical errors or errors on the Instagram platform that may prevent a participant from entering the Contest or from receiving or sending direct messages. Sony does not seek to exclude liability for death or personal injury arising from its own negligence.
  25. Participants' personal information will processed in accordance with Sony’s privacy policy and will only be used for the purpose of the administration and publicity of the Contest, including for communications relating to the Contest, management of entries, dispatch of prizes, display of winning entries, and for purposes incidental to these activities. By entering the Contest you agree that your name, age, country and camera information may be published together with your submitted photo.
  26. All personal information provided by participants will be destroyed or deleted after the Contest is finished, except in the case of prize winners and participants whose photos will be used.
  27. Failure by Sony to enforce any of these rules or terms shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.
  28. The Terms and Conditions of this Contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of United Arab Emirates.