The Power of Imaging

Wherever you are and whatever’s going on, a Sony α or Cyber-shot™ camera puts precision, style and convenience in your hands to capture the moment in your own unique way.

Meet the Sony family

Whether you’re photographing friends or a stunning sunset, there’s a Sony camera to make it easy. But which one? Use our guide to explore Cyber-shot™, α E-mount and A-mount cameras.

Cyber-shot cameras

With the simplicity and convenience of a fixed lens, Cyber-shot cameras range from casual point-and-shoots to high-end models offering professional quality.

α E-mount cameras

Enjoy the quality and performance of a DSLR with about half the size and weight. α E-mount cameras feature interchangeable lenses and large, sensitive Exmor™ sensors.

α A-mount cameras

Full-size cameras loaded with features and matched with a wide variety of A-mount lenses make shooting professional photographs interesting and fun.

Tomorrow’s lenses today, from Sony

High resolution and spectacular bokeh come together in lenses that will continue to deliver ultimate performance with the most advanced camera bodies for many years to come.

Glass worthy of a 1st-class camera

New lenses, new possibilities

From zoom to macro, Sony's wide range of lenses let you capture different worlds. From an architectural detail four storeys up to a quivering dewdrop, our lenses make your vision possible.

Creativity, accessorised

Up your photo game with a range of accessories—slide a viewfinder, external flash, microphone or more into the built-in hot shoe and let your creativity run wild.

Lens-Style cameras

Secure smartphone attachments and soft carrying cases to keep your gear protected.

Cyber-shot cameras

Memory cards, batteries, cases and more prepare you to take, store and share your photos.

α Interchangeable-Lens cameras

Flashes, microphones, vertical grips and more take your creativity to the next level.