Images of RM-LVR1 Live Remote Control with Wi-Fi for Action Cam
Easy control over your Action Cam

Be in charge even when your cam is out of reach

Effortlessly control your cam from afar with the Live-View remote control. With a waterproof wristwatch design and easy to use buttons, you'll never miss the action.

Your remote always at hand

Attaches comfortably to your wrist for easy control of your cam.

Brave the elements

The remote can be submerged up to 3m – ideal for watersports.

Watch as you record

In Live-View mode you can watch footage live on the LCD screen.

4 hours from a single charge
Battery with stamina

A single charge gives 4 hours of continuous Live-View recording.

Wi-Fi connected
Get connected via Wi-Fi

Control the cam or view live footage on the LCD screen via Wi-Fi.


  • Control your Action Cam remotely

  • Watch footage with Live-View mode

  • 1.5" LCD screen

  • Waterproof – submerge up to 3m

  • Works with the HDR-AS30, HDR-AS15, HDR-MV1, and DSC-QX100

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